What to Wear to a UGA Football Game- The Unofficial Uniform

By: Kairi M. Coe

As you all know, at the University of Georgia football is a BIG deal. With a crowd of over 90,000 fans, every Saturday during the fall is a big event. So why not dress it up a little? For all you fashionistas and sharp dressing young men out there, dressing up for a football game is a great way to show your school spirit in style. Let’s take a look at some stylish (and affordable!) options.

For the guys wearing a Bulldogs shirt, a pair of jeans and a baseball cap with the school’s logo is standard. For the guy who wants to appear more clean cut a nice red polo with cargo shorts would help you do so. Even add some red sneakers into the mix if you’re not a Sperry type of guy. The main statement a guy can make at a game fashion wise is just to appear as comfortable and as clean as possible.

Now onto our UGA women. If the football games are not a place to showoff and show out then who knows what is. For a lady Dawgs fan your little black dress is the norm. Dress it up a little with red accents such as sandals, bracelets and headbands. A lady in red is always noticed!

So get out there and showoff your BullDawg spirit. With these tips the game will not be the only thing turning heads!


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